Saturday, April 3, 2010

Can't, Won't, Don't Want To

I am writing my last paper of my midwifery degree.  The last one.  There are no more papers after this one.  And I... can't... do... it...

It's like every fibre of my being is resisting it!  I have everything I need - I'm back in Toronto in the comfort of my own apartment... Rob is at work... it's peaceful... I have tea... all the windows are open... the cats are sleeping.  There is no reason it should be this HARD.

Why is it so tough?  Better yet, HOW can I get it done?  I am completely lacking in focus and motivation.  All I want to do is go outside where it's sunny and warm, and pretend this paper doesn't exist.

I'm happy to be home with Rob... and Marve.  But... I really miss Winnipeg.

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