Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 3 - Check In

It has been exactly three weeks since the day I walked into the clinic for the first time and began this placement.

In those three weeks I have missed a back up due to being called too late, missed a precipitous birth which turned into an unplanned unattended homebirth, attended a homebirth where EMS was called for a flat baby who, upon resuscitation, did not need to transfer into the hospital, attended a 15-hour back up that started with us in the primary role while the actual primary midwife and student slept but went long enough that they came back before the birth, and attended two superlong primip PROMs with meconium, one of which ended in a c-section and the other of which resulted in the baby being transferred to the special care nursery.

I understand that the name of the placement I am currently in is Consultations & Complications, but I suppose I thought that would simply be the focus of our tutorials... I wasn't so much expecting everything practical to be complicated and require consults!  I know that few births are totally normal and they are all different... but it sure would be nice to attend a few that had a bit less going on!

I'm really enjoying the practice, the midwives and the other students.  The more I get into the swing of things, the more I feel grateful for being placed there.  While I know the students in Toronto are being told over and over that there won't really be any jobs when we graduate, I still feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

In other news, our latest foster kitty, Graham, was just delivered to his "forever home".  Rob and I miss him.  Marve doesn't!  Another rescue will be coming over on Wednesday... it's kitten season at the shelter, so every rescue helps! 

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