Saturday, May 29, 2010


Somehow - I'm not sure how - it's already nearly midterm.  We have been instructed to make appointments with our tutors and preceptors to have a phone meeting to discuss our midterm evaluation for next week.  I have sort of dropped the ball with this, mostly because of my uncertainty over who will be doing my evaluation.  My actual preceptor returns from vacation on Monday and will not have spent any time with me up to this point.  I should have clarified this before now... but I didn't.  Here's hoping it all works out!

I'm interested to see how different my preceptor is from the midwife who has been my teacher up until now.  I get the impression they are sort of opposite ends of the spectrum. The one I've been with throughout May is known for being super quick and efficient and somewhat conservative in her practice style.  The one coming back next week is known for running behind, providing lots of discussion, being intuitive and liberal in her practice.  I have found practicing with the first one to be challenging in several ways... and I'm sure the future holds many more, but different, challenges.  I'm looking forward to it though. 

Last night a few of the midwifery ladies from my class got together to go to the Doctors Without Borders refugee camp exhibit at Christie Pits Park.  I was going off call for a couple of days and was excited to get together with them for the evening.  I was late for the midwifery-specific tour and joined a public tour instead.  A (rather cute) guy asked me "so, do you think things like this make a difference?"  All I could say was that I just really hoped so.  We had an interesting conversation while we waited for the tour to start.  I was impressed with the tour.  The exhibit was smaller than I expected, and yet they did a lot with it and had many groups going through at a time without it seeming disorganized.  It was interesting to see how hard it was for some of the people on the tour to wrap their heads around things like bathing not being a priority in some people's realities.  The woman who was our tour guide was a logistician - her responsibilities include, essentially, problem-solving any number of issues and complications that may arise in the provision of aid and health care to people in countries all over the world.  The example she gave was finding a way to provide a medication or vaccination that requires storage at a temperature no greater than 25 degrees to people living in an area that is 50 degrees in the shade with no electricity.  When the tour was over the (rather cute) guy asked me to have dinner with him.  When I politely declined, he told me that I had good energy.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't flattering!

Following the tour, the midwifery ladies and I went for a walk and found a place to eat and have some drinks.  After sharing a couple of pitchers, we were walking down the street and being really silly.  Really silly.  And loud.  Screaming, essentially, about "gendering tail" - I won't get into it.  And suddenly... there was my preceptor.  She smiled and waved.  I went over to her and said hello and she introduced me to her daughter.  I told her I was with some midwifery student friends, and she said "well that explains why you were talking about 'gendering tail'.  I wondered what that was about."  Her daughter said "yeah, I was thinking to myself 'gendering tail'?"  I realized at that moment just how loud and obnoxious we must have been.  I laughed and said that my friends were being silly and I didn't know what they were talking about.  Then I awkwardly said "well... see ya Monday!"  I tried to walk away quickly but being part of a pack of 5 of us made that more difficult.  Today the whole thing is even more embarrassing.  Truthfully though, she didn't seem the least bit bothered, and even joked to my friends "yup - I'm the teach!"  Sheesh.  In a city of two and a half million people, you'd think one could go out and be a little anonymous!

In any case, going out was a lot of fun and has given me some renewed energy just like it always does.  If only I could convince myself to do it more often!  I still really have to learn how to be able to live a normal life while I'm on call...

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