Sunday, July 12, 2009

Closing the "Couch Surfing" Chapter

It's been a few lonely months, as I have mentioned. When I was done school for the summer in May, I felt bruised and battered from a long, hard semester. All I wanted to do was turn off my phone and my pager and hunker down for lots of sleeping and eating. Rob, husband extraordinaire, provided me with lots of TLC and I worked on processing all of the clinical learning I had experienced.

Eventually, the rest and relaxation turned into lying around and feeling guilty about it. It got so I didn't know what to do other than wake up late, move to the couch, move back to bed. Needless to say, I've been getting pretty unhappy about it. We don't have next summer off, and there is a long, hard two years ahead. I made a conscious decision not to work this summer so that I could really enjoy my "free" time. I have known for awhile now that I need to get my act together.

So, I have taken matters into my own hands and filled up my schedule. I mentioned the trip to Winnipeg, but I didn't mention that I am also driving up to Ottawa to visit a friend for a few days this week, and some friends have planned a canoe trip to Algonquin Park in August. We drove down to Niagara to visit Rob's family this weekend, and we have friends from Guelph coming to visit for a night next weekend.

Immediately after all this schedule-filling, an acquaintance in Toronto asked me when I was free since she suddenly has more free time. After weeks upon weeks of feeling friendless and lonely, I suddenly couldn't even think of a single day I was next free for dinner.

Since that day, the requests to hang out have been rolling in from other acquaintances in the city - people I'd just about given up hope on ever hearing from.

The Universe is funny that way.

After a couple of days in Niagara I'm feeling good about things. I know it's already July 12th, but in some ways my summer is just starting. I'm excited to see what it brings now that I'm up off the couch...

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