Friday, July 10, 2009

The Urban Canoeist

I've been having problems with motivation this summer. What began as a summer of rest and relaxation designed to help me recover from the winter's midwifery placement - slash - prepare for the next two years of school has become a summer of being sloth-like and feeling guilty about it. I've been doing my darndest not to feel guilty, but with Rob having such trouble finding work I can't help it. I feel I should help somehow, but... I can't. Most ironic is that my health seems to be worse now than it was when I was a crazy overworked student.

So I've been trying to figure out what I need to do to feel better. The trip to Winnipeg is going to help a lot. I want to get up to Ottawa too. We're heading to Niagara to visit Rob's family this weekend. We went to Guelph to visit friends last weekend. Any kind of getting up and out of the apartment seems to help... duh! I also need to be more active. Yesterday we rented a canoe and paddled around Toronto Island for three hours. It was so awesome.


This swan chased us away from his little family (you can see them near the shore). I was seriously afraid he was going to break my arm.

Resting before heading back across the harbour. I'm assuming Toronto Island is typically busier than this. There was no one around and it was great! Thanks, garbage strike.

This kind of makes me love Toronto.

So that was good for us, even if renting the canoe (as with everything in Toronto, it seems) was a total rip off at $30/hour. It was worth it!

I'm thinking of our friends at Folk Fest this weekend. I've had my ups and downs with Folk Fest, but its often been a very happy place. Last year Rob and I had such a good time, despite the horrific weather. If nothing else, it's always been a place where your friends feel closer and music sounds sweeter. I miss being there. It's hard realizing I have no idea when I'll ever be able to go again.

Yup. It's lonely in Toronto.

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