Saturday, December 12, 2009


All I ever talk about is cats.

I think it's because cats provide a cute, fuzzy distraction from the growing pains inflicted by the MEP. I am currently doing 5 assignments and studying for Wednesday's exam... and by that I mean I am watching my cats.

The truth is, I am not at all sure about this new foster cat, Monty. He has been here for four days, so I know it's too early to tell - but so far he rarely emerges from under the bed and when he does he really, really dislikes Marve. We'll see how it goes.

In other news, the lottery information came out this week... it's always a little anti-climactic because we wait so long to see what our choices will be, and then suddenly there they are and it's kind of just what you expected and the actual lottery isn't run for another month and there is still ages before we'll know where we'll be next year. I'm feeling happy they've split Toronto up into four regions (it used to be all one). Since we have to submit four choices, that means I can submit all Toronto and not have to come up with creative ideas on how we can move away without having Rob drop out of school... of course there is always the possibility that I will "fall out" of the lottery like last year, end up with none of my choices and have to pick from the scraps.... but we're not going to think about that.

So right now I simply need to focus on memorizing protocols and guidelines, textbooks and manuals. No big deal!

Winnipeg has been in a deep freeze this past week and I am ever-happy to be away from it. I'm uncomfortable here and it's only -10ish... I miss the prairies, but I am not sure how I can go back to that. And so the eternal debate on where we'll end up continues...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! It is great to hear from you! I have meaning to write all these weeks, but for whatever number of excuses have not found the time to do so. I saw the website to your blog on your comment this morning, and am happy to subscribe to it!

Lisa was in a couple of weeks ago and we talked about you. I laughed when I recollected how I was not allowed to speak first thing in the morning :) Rest assured, I don't surface till long after ten these days!

Freaks and Geeks is amazing! It is arguably one of the best shows I have seen, and I am depressed I only have six more episodes to go. I cannot get over how real it is - and I do like me some good James Franco.

Anyways, this comment exceeds the acceptable word count! I look forward to keeping in touch! :)