Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Not-So-Welcome Holiday Surprise

Maybe I'm slow to learn, but for some reason every time we have an issue come up with a foster cat, I'm surprised. What with Willow's surprise pregnancy, Otto's sudden death, Louie's fast and furious illness, and Monty the cave dweller, it should probably come as no surprise when an issue - large or small - pops up.

Since my last "cat post", we managed to get in touch with another foster family who had a little energetic kitten that wasn't really a match with the older, more laid back cats in the home. After much discussion we figured that Monty might be a better fit in their place, and the kitten a better fit in ours. The trade went off without a hitch, and Marve and the kitten, Kohl, began to play and play and play and play immediately. They love each other.


Monty seems to be doing a little better in his new place too, so the switch all around seemed like the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, after a couple of days, the spots on Kohl's face that we thought were just scratches from another cat he may have pissed off turned into a huge round bare crusty patch. We suspect ringworm, a common and highly contagious (to humans AND other cats) fungus that takes many weeks to months to clear. Since we had finally, after much issue concerning health records etc, arranged for them both to go to a cat hotel for the few days we plan to be out of town visiting Rob's family, this was really stressful. We obviously can't bring a cat covered in infectious skin disease to a busy cat hotel.

I've had a few days to get used to the whole thing, and we've been treating the patches (there are now three) with cream. We've managed to arrange for Kohl to go to a vet for the time we're away to be assessed and taken care of (we assume it's ringworm but they will find out for sure). Marve will go to the cat hotel on his own. Poor guys - I hope they're not lonely without each other.

The next few days will be fun and challenging as we and the rest of Rob's siblings cram into the parents' place for some post-Christmas cheer. Here's hoping all goes smoothly. I start school with a bang when I get back - a 12-hour night shift on the L&D floor at the hospital. I've been told my preceptor is very nice... I'm straight-up nervous for this one so it will be good to get it started!


Teegan said...

L&D was my favourite placement to date. Have fun!

Dawn Dubya said...

L&D sucked for me. There was new staff and too many other nursing and medical students. I got no attention and was treated like a burden. I felt like I had to maintain my composure the whole time I was there.

I'm in NICU right now and it is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The trauma, anxiety, and death that I have experienced around me is making me appreciate life more than I ever have. I'm the only student and a bit of a novelty ;)

I miss you.