Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's officially December. Many of us are only just past halfway done the web course, so we're scrambling to finish and study for the exam next Wednesday... it doesn't seem possible, but we have to try!

We had class yesterday morning, and discussed things like the lottery (first we were told to expect news on November 30th, then December 4th, then December 8th... and then our tutor told us even December 8th - today - is unlikely so we shouldn't hold our breath...), next semester, and the exam. By the time class was over I just felt overwhelmed. Rob made me do yoga and have a shower to calm down (it worked)! I really need to take it just one day at a time...

On Saturday our friends from Guelph came up to visit - we made dinner and watched christmas movies. Good times. The next day we went out for breakfast (I have dreams about the BLAT at Nirvana) and then shopping for presents. The family pulled names to see who we would buy for this year. One of the family members we got is somewhat hard to buy for. We bought her a necklace after much deliberation, but now I don't think I like it. I might take it back. The truth is, we may not really figure presents out until after exams - and cards are unlikely to happen this year. Siigh.

Anyway, after we returned home and our friends were on the bus back to Guelph, we received a phone call from a guy and his girlfriend wanting to come and meet Wally. The guy sounded a little strange on the phone and I got nervous about letting Wally go. He had really become our little "bug"; our little "meatball"... well when these two arrived, I could see that they were very excited about Wally. They loved him, and didn't mind his little quirks in the least - and clearly were going to provide him with a pretty pampered life. They decided to take him home right then and there! I admit I called about two hours after they left to see how Wally was settling in... and they said he was doing great. He had been bold enough to explore the entire place - coming up to them every few minutes with little purrs and headbutts, and had slept on a chair between them while they ate their supper. Oh Wally! The guy said he would be happy to call me every now and then with updates... I really hope he does.

We are to pick up our new foster cat, Monty, today from Beth. I had been a little nervous about how Marve would react to his "little brother" disappearing... and honestly, I'm amazed! He has taken it all in stride. He is still sleeping (mostly) through the night, and even sleeps on our bed or on the chair in our room. He's been affectionate and ... well, just easy! Monty is a 3 year old guy - a big difference from the "teenagers" we've had with Louie and Wally. I hope Marve is okay with an "older" guy - and I hope Monty is okay with Marve! In all honesty... I'm a bit nervous to see how an older cat adjusts. Apparently he has lived in a cage for two whole months... poor guy. I can't wait to meet him.

The days are cold and dark and short lately. I'm way more tired than I was even just a month ago - its amazing how our bodies respond to the seasons! Still, I'm so happy to live in a place where winter doesn't start until December...

Right-o... back to the grind.

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