Thursday, June 3, 2010

Knock on Wood

I'm afraid to say it's been a little quiet lately for fear of the universe making me pay for admitting such a thing.  I'm knocking on wood... because, apparently, that's what midwives do.  I am hoping for another quiet day or two while I nurse an incredibly sore throat. 

I did have the fortune to attend a lovely birth this week - a second time mum whose ultrasounds were showing her baby to be in the 98th percentile for size... we were a little concerned about shoulder dystocia, but other than some sticky shoulders the mum birthed that baby impressively.  It was the kind of birth that makes me stop and remember what an incredible career I'm heading towards and how blessed I am to do this work.

My preceptor has returned from holidays and everything has changed quite suddenly - her expectations are much higher.  That's good, of course... I feel like I will be able to grow and learn a little better now that she is back.  She seems a little more invested in having me learn and take on responsibility, I suppose because she's ultimately responsible for me.  For me, though, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and nervous about dropping the ball somewhere... there is so much to keep organized.  Visits to organize and/or attend, phone call check ins, induction bookings, consults to write/follow up on, charts to prepare, messages to return etc.  Right now I'm keeping track of things in a few ways and I'm not sure any of them are working.  A dayplanner would probably be best, but none of them that have large enough space to write in are appealing to have to carry around along with all the other million things I'm already carrying around.  I suppose I will have to spend a fair bit of money on a really good one...? It seems that, like with bags, each midwife has her own favourite way to keep track of everything.  Generally Blackberry's and iPhones, it seems... which I don't have. 

I got my midterm evaluation date/time sorted out.  Next Wednesday... eek.  I can't believe we're already at midterm.  I'm already thinking about some of the fun stuff I want to do in August to help unwind/mentally prepare for the fall semester. 

We've started planning our canoe trip for August.  I'm excited.  We got a new tent and set it up in our kitchen.  It's awesome!  Unfortunately a couple of the friends that attended with us last year might not be able to make it this year due to moving back to Winnipeg a couple of years earlier than they thought they might.  I guess that happens with Winnipeg.  We'll see...

I also want to visit my parents, and maybe head up to Ottawa to visit friends too... I'm hoping if I go to Winnipeg Rob will be able to join me this time.  He hasn't been back since the Christmas before last when he only stayed for three days.  It would be amazing to go visit, spend some time at the cabin, etc.  I am so curious if he would re-fall in love with it like I seem to whenever I visit.  He doesn't think he will...

Aside from this killer sore throat, life is pretty good these days.  Pretty good indeed.

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Teegan said...

midwives do knock on wood... all the time! I refuse to start!
(knock on wood)