Friday, November 19, 2010

...bzzz bzzz bzzz....

Word has it that Winnipeg is covered in snow as of yesterday.  I honestly can't imagine.  It seems too early.  One thing I would miss about Toronto is the weather.  It agrees with me, and I agree with it.  In the city of smog and fog, I no longer get as down in the winter and I don't get the recurring headaches that I always had back home and even in Sudbury.  Strange. 

No births this week.  It's been a long lull.  I told the practice at midterm that I needed back ups, and have only managed to get two since.  I hope for at least one more, and a primary or two.  I find my tutor isn't a stickler for birth numbers as long as my preceptor(s) feel I have done enough that they feel they can assess me.  I feel fairly confident that, despite the fact I have a long way to go, I'm passing this term. 

I'm very excited for a weekend off that includes dinner and a movie with a buddy who makes me laaaugh non-stop, a lil road trip to visit a midwifery friend in Cambridge, and drinks with an old friend.  Not all weekends off are packed with awesomeness like this one is.

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