Wednesday, November 17, 2010

... just breathe...

I am currently in the middle of a birth lull... it's not as comfortable as it sounds.  I have informed the practice that I am in need of back ups.  I have a multip due on Sunday who went early with her first baby (and fast!)... every night I dream she calls in the middle of rip-roaring labour and I try to ask why she didn't call earlier as the midwife and I set into panic mode trying to get to her in time... then I awake to morning.  No pages.  I check the pager to make sure it is still working and that I haven't somehow missed it going off.  No pages.

Rob was leaving the apartment as I emerged from the bedroom this morning - early class.  As I sat there sipping warmish yerba, I received a text from him: "I found something disturbing this morning. I didn't want to tell you until you were awake."  Then a long lull between texts as my mind went into all kinds of "disturbing" places.  Finally: "I found a dead mouse on the kitchen floor."  Ew.  Then I noticed how on edge the cats were.  And exhausted.  I suppose they were up all night dealing with this.

Dead mouse on the kitchen floor.  Reminds me of a day years ago... in another city, in another kitchen... I made a mix cd that day, and named it after the experience.  This song... beautiful... ethereal... almost forgotten.  Turns out to be a good reminder... a listening requirement for midwifery students, perhaps?

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