Sunday, November 7, 2010

... shine down on me...

Still writing this "last paper"... it's amazing how completely I can draw things out to their very longest, most painful length.  Today is the day it will be handed in... mark my words!  Unfortunately I've made plans to have dinner with friends, which would be a good thing except that I will not be finished the paper and will therefore be distracted and stressed out. 

Rob has been sullen and down, so I shooed him outside for a bike ride.  It's amazing how we know these things help, but are sometimes so incapable of motivating ourselves to do them.  This is what we need each other for.

Outside the (dirty) windows the sun is shining strong and bright, doing it's best to warm the chilly air but not quite succeeding.  Still, it cheers me up.  I feel, taste, smell the undertones of winter.  Instead of being scared, this year I feel more curious.  How will I handle it?  Will it be alright?  I feel the need to be "better" at winter, with these plans to move back to Winnipeg on the horizon. 

I'm sure exercise would help.  Oh well. 

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